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Doxology by Stars Go Dim at 16:19

Invincible by Franklin McKay at 16:15

Hands On by at 16:15

Here by the Water by Steve Bell at 16:11

Alive In Me by JJ Weeks Band at 16:08

Nowhere by Sarah Reeves at 16:04

Flawless by MercyMe at 15:59

Always Will by Hillsong at 15:55

Crazy Faith by John Waller at 15:52

Spirit Of The Living God by Meredith Andrews at 15:48

Trust You All The Way by About A Mile at 15:44

All He Says I Am by Aaron Gillespie at 15:41

He Knows What He's Doing by Jason Crabb at 15:37

Heart Like You by Love & The Outcome at 15:33

Broken Hallelujah by The Afters at 15:30

Wanted by Dara Maclean at 15:30

Wanted by Dara Maclean at 15:26

Everything by Jason Fowler at 15:22

Count Them All by JJ Weeks Band at 15:18

It's a Beautiful Life by Bec at 15:14

Holy by Kate Adams at 15:11

Falling Down by City of Enoch at 15:07

Death Was Arrested by North Point InsideOut at 15:03

Throne Of Praise by Phillips, Craig & Dean at 14:59

Rise and Shine by Stephanie Pauline at 14:55

It Was Love by Abandon at 14:52

We Believe by Newsboys at 14:47

Back to You by Mandisa at 14:44

Hands Held High by New Hope Oahu at 14:41

Battles by The Afters at 14:37

Make Some Noise by Tim Milner at 14:34

Loved by JJ Heller at 14:30

No One But You by Natasha Owens at 14:30

No One But You by Natasha Owens at 14:26

Have Everything by David Dunn at 14:23

American Jesus by August Rain at 14:19

Overcomer by Mandisa at 14:15

Breathing New Life by Trev and Trin at 14:11

He's Still Here by Chris August at 14:08