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We live in Silverspring and can now get FREE 100.3 at home ( and in the car) very well. Thank you. 'Good on you' (our family would say) ...Tony

The station sounds fantastic...Twyla

That is just fabulous news! I'm so excited to have such a station to listen too! Thank you so much for all of your hard work to get this station going.

May God bless you!.. Adriana

This is fantastic news. Thank you for all your persistence and effort in this regard. All the best to you in the future. You have my support for this station as a listener and if and when I can send some advertising $$ your way I certainly will. I believe that this station will bless many people... Colleen

FREE 100.3 RULES!!!!...This is gonna be fun! Anyways bye GOD BLESS!..Chelsey

I (and others) will lift your name (and your wife) to our Father in Heaven...

God's speed!!!..Walt

AT LAST!!!! -- A Christian radio station in Saskatoon! Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!! We (my son & I) found you yesterday as we were driving around the city... The signal was good though on the drive home (to Waldheim, 60 km N of S'toon) and lasted almost all the way.

It's GREAT to have you on the air. We will be listening whenever we can...Waldo

Hey it's great to hear this kind of music in's been a long time coming! I congratulate you on this achievement. I enjoy the contempory Christian music...Ron

Congratulations on whatever you did to your radio station. You are now a Saskatoon Radio Station instead of just an east side station. We live in Confederation Park on the far west end and I can hear you in my truck with no problem. And my truck radio is fussy in what it picks up. Clean and Clear...Jim