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Shine A Light In The Darkness by Rick Lee James at 22:00

Shine A Light In The Darkness by Rick Lee James at 21:56

Child of God by Mitch Langley at 21:53

Out Of Nothing by Jay Powell at 21:50

adad End of My Cross by Robert Andrew Gonoude at 21:46

Anything Is Possible by All Together United at 21:42

Follow Through by Band Reeves at 21:39

Fly by Millwoodscreative at 21:35

Let Go, Let God by Jack Cassidy at 21:32

Welcome The King by Destiny Worship Music at 21:28

I Believe It Now by Sidewalk Prophets at 21:25

Wherever I Go by Jackie Minton at 21:22

Wholehearted by We Are Messengers at 21:19

Kingdom Come by Rebecca St. James at 21:15

Love Is Everything We Need by Unspoken at 21:12

Scars by Dan Bremnes at 21:10

Egypt by Cory Asbury at 21:06

God Of Revival by Bethel Music (Brian & Jenn Johnson) at 21:02

Ready To Go by Charlie Rey at 20:59

Never Alone by Sam & Christin Hart at 20:55

Lion by Natasha Owens at 20:52

Feet of Jesus by Adelaide at 20:49

Yes He Does by Stars Go Dim at 20:46

God Is Able by Patrick Dopson at 20:43

Resisting You by Mathew Maciel at 20:39

Through Faith by Timothy Paul Milner at 20:35

Goodness of God by Jenn Johnson at 20:32

Coming Back by Thrive Worship at 20:30

Coming Back by Thrive Worship at 20:28

Walkin' on the Water by Anna Waters at 20:25

adad Never Give Up by Robert Melanie Beeman at 20:21

Sanctuary by Abby Robertson at 20:17

Say Goodbye by The Afters at 20:14

You're Left Standing by Mireille Pruneau at 20:10

Graves Into Gardens by Elevation Worship at 20:06

Up Again Wherever I Go by DUPREE Jason Fowler at 20:03

Enter In Hello Unknown by Paul Good Laura Story at 19:57

Warriors See Me Through It by Land of Color Brandon Heath at 19:51

Leaning What I Really Need by Matt Maher Bryan Fowler at 19:43